The city is located in the Brie Plateau, which explains the flat topography and the abundant forest potential.
Historically, we can observe that the city has known a relatively rapid expansion around strong infrastructure lines (the power line and the rails) that haven't been properly integrated into the urban fabric.
A landscape intervention around this green promenade could invite the citizens to walk and bike across zones and enjoy the full potential of Roissy en brie.
To overcome these physical barriers there are 3 strategic key locations to unlock with a master planning solution at a different scale.
- Under the powerline, permanent housing is not allowed for the health danger of the high electric lines. A water cleaning station on the river could be an architectural and landscape opportunity.
- On the RER E rails, there is no way to cross these rails, some pedestrians take the high risk of crossing them to save them from a  40min walk detour. A solution would be to build a light pedestrian bridge which would be part of the green promenade.
- The third strategic point is the access to the forest. It is now not accessible because of the road and the programs. The intervention would be to rethink the sport arena as a smooth transition to the forest with a bike lane, promenade, and natural glades as sport fields.
This strategical landscape and master planning intervention will allow the city to enjoy its landscape potential and de-cluster from the planned zoning to encourage inclusion and mixity in the city.
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