Rencontre du possible, Sarcelles, France
- Panelist
- Mentor

Inspirational talks in Paris suburb High Schools, on Social Mobility and how to make career decisions when we grow up in low-income, underserved areas in France.

"Innovation in Teams", Nairobi, Kenya
- Guest Speaker

Presentation of Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership findings on multidisciplinary teams collaboration in the Public Sector. How the Team composition and the learning environment can help teams solve complex city problems.


Cameroon Hackathon 2022, Douala, Cameroon
- Design Thinking training
- Mentor for Entrepreneur

During 4 days and 10 workshops, over 80 participants found different ways to solve important city problems in Cameroon, such as access to water, waste management, and logistics.
Hosted by Democracy Studio - AI on citizen engagement Traveling Circus of Urbanism.

Harvard Solution to Combat the Climate Crisis, Cambridge, USA
- Panelist
Presentation of Tlaloc, a holistic solution to tackle the water crisis in Mexico City.

UM6P Venture Conference, Ben Guerir, Morocco
- Panelist
Presentation of Tikka, a social start-up aiming to digitize the Morocco service industry.

Thinking and Creative Process, Monterrey, Mexico
- Guest Lecturer
Introduced Design students to the Value proposition and the Business model framework, and how to include them in the design process.

AI in Architecture and Urban Planning, Barcelona, Spain
- Guest Critic
Jury for CS and Architecture students' projects, applying machine learning in Architecture and Urban Planning.
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