Cross-Boundary Collaboration in Cities: Where to Start 

How public, for-profit, and civic organizations working to address the same city-wide social challenge can find a common starting point.

Entry Points: Gaining Momentum in Early-Stage Cross-Boundary Collaborations

To tackle complex social issues like homelessness, crime and economic development, city governments need to collaborate with private and non-profit sector organizations. However, cross-boundary teams often struggle to launch. New research by Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative shows what teams that successfully find their “entry point” have in common: balanced representation, community engagement, mutual trust, and action orientation.


Juba Strategic Plan

UN-Habitat elaborated a set of multi-scalar and multi-dimensional maps to build the narrative and establish a comprehensive city vision. The process is rooted in an evidence-based approach, building upon primary and secondary data collection and analysis. The outcome is a Strategic Plan for Juba that defines a clear direction and provides a holistic vision of sustainable urban growth for the upcoming years presenting several recommendations and critical responses to the main identified problems.


Platform 12: How About Now?

Featured work in GSD (Harvard Graduate school of Design) publication.
Documenting projects, research, events, exhibitions, and more, Platform offers a curated view into the emerging topics, techniques, and dispositions within and beyond the Harvard GSD.


How to make it a Product?

This article highlights how design research tools helped us to successfully transform the OEC into a freemium product.

It will go through the five steps of how did OEC successfully transition from an open platform into a product that generates value, without offering less to the free users.
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6 Reasons Why Governments Should Build Data Visualization Platforms

Data are powerful assets for the public sector, companies and citizens, but open data portals are often incomplete, opaque and hard to work with. Over the last 8 years, with more than 40 worldwide projects, Datawheel has developed expertise in building impactful data distribution platforms for governments.
This article is intended for people in the public sector looking to gain insights from their data and make a major impact by publishing data in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

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