NASA brief:
For every spacewalk on the ISS, astronauts have a comprehensive support system of specialists on the During a spacewalk, an astronaut’s job involves focus, direction, and communication. Currently, an extravehicular activity (EVA) crewmember communicates details about all tasks by means of a voice connection with mission control, an EVA partner, and an intravehicular (IVA) crewmember (an astronaut inside the pressurized spacecraft). For years, voice has been the only means of communicating during a spacewalk. However, NASA is developing helmet-based displays which can perform this function much more efficiently, leading to less voice conversation, and a more efficient system. These displays fall under the Informatics Subsystem of NASA’s Advanced Spacesuit.

How might we empower astronauts to address emergency situation in space?

We approach this problem with a unique Human-centered and cross disciplinary team.


Microsoft HoloLens 2


Jeff Hoffman is an American astronaut and professor at MIT. We invited him to Harvard to test our augmented reality experience.
At NASA, we were able to user test in the Houston NASA Space Center. We user tested with NASA employees and astronauts in training. For our user test, we presented the user with a new task and asked them to rely on the augmented reality experience to guide them through the procedure. Our user test was successful and the user was able to successfully and efficiently complete the task.

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