Role: Design Strategist, Analyst, Urban Planner, Public Policy Designer


This project was led by a collaboration of the UN-Habitat Nairobi team and the local team in Conakry.

Data collection training
We trained the local technical team to collect data with photos, interviews, and surveys for our international Urban analyst experts to be able to work on. During my time in the team, I had the opportunity to design those data collection training for the neighborhood of Matam and Coyah.
Brainstorming and validation workshops

We led participatory workshops to gather local stakeholders' opinions and insights for interventions. Different scenarios were prepared by the international teams to present and discuss to local stakeholders.


This project was led by a collaboration of the UN-Habitat Nairobi team and the local team in Conakry. My work was focused on the analysis and diagnosis phase of the Conakry region and Conakry's neighborhoods of Matam and Coyah, and together with the urban design team, propose design and policies solutions to urban problems.
Planning scales

The strategic plan was intervening on different scales to tackle structural problems from different angles.
- Conakry region strategy was focusing on developing a multipolar region with the secondary attractive cities to spread the demography, and design the mobility and public facilities around those cities.
- Neighborhood scale strategy was focused on selecting 2 typical neighborhoods that gather all the main challenges of the city: Matam: an urban highly dense area, and Coyah: a suburban pole with natural landscape to preserve from the urban spread.
SWOT Analysis of Matam

I was in charge of running the urban analysis and diagnostic of Matam, and summing up the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Strengths on different lenses. We focused the analysis on Mobility, Accessibility, Zoning, Land Use, Density, Environment, and sanitation.
Public Policy Design

Conakry's strategic action plan came with regulation instructions that translate into public policies recommendation for the City. I was in charge of researching regulations around the main themes of the SDU (Urban planning direction plan), such as:
- Water and vital resources
- Infrastructures
- Environnment preservation
- Flooding risks
- Waste management
- Safety

On the neighborhood scale, we designed regulations on land uses to encourage public and green spaces in a very dense urban fabric. And gave recommendations to design and sustain the new mobility network.

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